The Infinites hanging out in Austin

Photo by shea carley

THe Infinites

In 2014, when Dan LeVine made a Bandcamp page containing some guitar loop demos, Jared Leibowich had an idea. He asked Dan if he could sing on top of the guitar loops, and took the liberty of making some demos.

Dan initially didn’t know what to think about these demos Jared was sending him— rough, strange phone recordings of himself singing over the loops Dan had just posted online. At the time, he was on tour with Ghetto Ghouls, and it took him a while to wrap his mind around it. But he came to see that Jared’s more story-based approach was a nice combination with his more repetitive, hypnotic vibe.

They called the project Dan and Jared. All the songs were named after the fictional people the songs were about. Miniature stories over catchy loops. The first show was November 13, 2015.

Ian Rundell, who also played in Ghetto Ghouls, started recording their first record in early 2017. By May of 2017, they were done with the record. But Jared had been hatching an idea. They had been practicing with some additional people because they wanted a full band for the record release show. From the very first practice with the full band, Jared secretly knew that he wanted to redo the record with the new lineup. When he finally went public with his wishes, his idea (once again) was not met with enthusiasm. Dan and Ian were confused, because they had just spent a very long time making a record and Jared wanted to scrap it and start over. Dan's approach had always been much more intuitive-- the first Ghetto Ghouls record was recorded in four hours.

Dan and Ian eventually got on board. To recreate the loops, Ian would play guitar. They had already recruited Sam Jordan (drums) and Miles Kelley (bass), two high school friends who had been playing together for years. Jared asked Miles to join The Infinites at a urinal at cherished local Austin venue Cheer Up Charlie’s, in January 2017. That same night, Dan asked Sam to join standing outside. With the lineup change came a new name. To Jared, "The Infinites" evoked both the never-ending nature of Dan's loops that had intrigued him in the first place, as well as the infinite universe they were creating, populating it with imaginary people, one song at a time. 

The Infinites' self-titled debut LP, recorded with the full band, will be released worldwide May 24, on First Humans Records.