The Infinites - The Infinites (12" Vinyl) + Download Card (FH-003)

The Infinites - The Infinites (12" Vinyl) + Download Card (FH-003)


“Dan LeVine's mesmerizing guitar loops string along Jared Leibowich's languid verse, so mellow it's all singularly pop hypnotic.” — Rachel Rascoe, The Austin Chronicle

Austin’s The Infinites have quietly put together a masterpiece. Their debut album is a compelling piece of empathetic indie rock, 11 songs that come to form a small community of mythic individuals. In opening track “Nina Segovia,” Jared Leibowich sings “I’d like to tell ya about Nina Segovia/ And when I’m done talking, you’ll fall in love with her,” and this sets the agenda quite nicely. The music vibes out in a reflective headspace, but still makes you wanna bop. You like The Kinks? Early Real Estate? Yo La Tengo? You’ll dig the colorful landscapes this band has laid out for you. Featuring members of The Zoltars, Ghetto Ghouls, Ama, and The Hermits. Truly a thoughtfully made, hypnotizing and deeply rewarding listen. Sure to become an instant classic record, perfect for its time and place.


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