Big Bill - Stand By Your Bill (12" Vinyl) + Download Card (FH-001)

Big Bill - Stand By Your Bill (12" Vinyl) + Download Card (FH-001)


Big Bill’s debut album, released November 2017. Ten songs, thirty minutes of rant-punk (“Loitering”), psycho-country (“Last Meal”), heavy rock (“Clint Eastwood Is My Dad”) and post-punk (“Peak Physique,” “Trick Everybody”). Also features fan favorite “What Do You Want On Your Salad?,” which turns an absurdly banal question into an inspiring punk anthem. A digital download card is included with the vinyl.

Written and performed by Big Bill. 
Engineered by Justin Douglas with Assistant Engineer Schivona Johnson at King Electric Recording in Austin, Texas. 
Mixed by Stuart Sikes in Austin, Texas. 
Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio in New Windsor, New York. 
Artwork by Brian Blomerth.


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“You’re going to have a tough time labeling this one. I can tell you that it’s worth looking for.” — Maximum Rocknroll

“Absurdity can act as a diversion from the meat of a group's material, but for Big Bill, it's an ethos. On the Austinites' first full-length release, and after a half-decade smattering of smaller takes, the troupe cuts out the fuzz for clean, professional, punk clowning.” — Austin Chronicle

”Because to Big Bill, weird is more than unusual or abnormal or strange. Weird is transcendent, uncanny. And there, in the elevation of weirdness, the band explores the absurdity of human experience; through sonic mindscapes, they lead us to confront familiar tensions we so often ignore.” — OVRLD